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Leileier’s range of painted kitchens includes shaker cabinets and high gloss cabinets, as well as modern cabinets to choose from. Many painted styles and door styles are available to achieve the desired kitchen design look. Below are our current best-selling painted kitchen ranges. Each painted kitchen range consists of a variety of painted cabinet units. If you want to create a new look in your kitchen area, we can design and refurbish your kitchen and make your space feel new. If you are planning to move to a new place and renovate your home, Leileier’s range of painted kitchen cabinet designs is the ideal solution.

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Modern Kitchens

Como Modern Kitchen


In stock


Luca Modern Kitchen

SKU: Luca023

In stock


Ockham Modern Kitchen

SKU: Ockham022

In stock


Sicily Modern Kitchen

SKU: SCI002-1-1

In stock


Melodia Shaker Kitchen

SKU: Melodia021

In stock


Time Shaker Kitchen

SKU: TIM002-1

In stock


Ipure Shaker Kitchen

SKU: ipure020

In stock


Spring Shaker Kitchen

SKU: Spring019

In stock


Navia B Modern Kitchen


In stock


Colin Shaker Kitchen

SKU: Colin018

In stock


Locke Shaker Kitchen

SKU: Locke017

In stock


Seattle Shaker Kitchen

SKU: Seattle016

In stock


Morgan Modern Kitchen

SKU: Morgan015-1

In stock


Navia A Modern Kitchen


In stock


Stockholm High Gloss Kitchen


In stock


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