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What you should know about SHAKER KITCHEN?

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Shaker kitchen doors and cabinets, and Shaker drawers, are a style of kitchen unit characterised by a flat central panel with squared edges and minimal detailing or profiling. Shaker cabinets are often symmetrical in design, avoiding intricate carving and decoration. Shaker style furniture has been around for centuries and is by far one of the most popular kitchen designs. Most interior designers pair shaker style cabinets and drawers with many modern designs.

The history of the shaker kitchen design

The Shaker style cupboards and doors are named after the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance, better known as the Shakers. This religious group, which originated in Manchester, was founded in the 18th century after splitting from the Quaker religious group. Before splitting from the Quakers, the religious sect was known as the Shakers because of the ecstatic movements they performed during worship.

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This celibate, self-sufficient community migrated to America and spread to New England, where they handcrafted high-quality Shaker-style furniture known for its craftsmanship and high standards.

The Shakers took such pride in making their furniture. It was as beautiful from the front as it was from the side and back. Their designs were durable, simple and understated – elaborate details and veneers were considered dishonest, with the exception of a small carving of the Shaker symbol, the ‘Tree of Life’.

While the Shakers avoided ornamentation and flourishes in the design of their kitchen doors and furniture, they stained or painted their wood in various colours.

The Evolution of the timeless shaker design

With timeless design and honest workmanship, it’s no wonder Shaker furniture is so popular, especially Shaker doors, which have become a universally loved design. Panel doors, solid wood frames, dovetail, mortise and tenon joints have all become essential elements of the modern 21st century kitchen. However, it is fair to say that the modern adaptation of Shaker cabinets has a different philosophy to the simple Shakers, as different colours and bespoke designs are used to suit individual style.

The Shakers’ belief that everything should have a purpose and be made as a will and testament to God, allowed them to have the will to refine this handmade process with only the best materials available. The precision of the handwork has refined the shaker product to create an incredible final effect.

While modern technology now makes it possible to create shaker cabinets and doors with ease, its original design was considered a wasteful hobby and became a moral conflict for Quakers. Decorations were seen as a form of deception for the Shakers, so the minimalist and practical design became the norm, and something we still have today.

Leileier Shaker Kitchens

basel small custom kitchen layout


The new design in on-trend colours, is a modern take on a traditional shaker style. Basel will design a better home for you, enabling both stylish and practical.

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Our Clayton doors have a flawlessly smooth lacquer finish and a profile with fluted detailing. The door panels are three-dimensional yet resistant to warping, making them a new design.

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Time Kitchen creates a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in the home, enabling both stylish and refined living.

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