Leileier Kitchen Cabinets & Units Guarantee

 All Leileier kitchen cabinets, drawer boxes, drawer runners, hinges, adjustable cabinet feet, shelf supports and wall brackets come with a warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship. This guarantee does not cover defects caused by improper assembly and/or workmanship.

All Leileier kitchen doors, drawer fronts, knobs and handles are supplied with a 5-year guarantee covering defects in material or manufacturing. This guarantee does not cover defects arising from incorrect installation and/or workmanship.

The Guarantee period is valid from the date of delivery of the guaranteed product.

Lifetime guarantee on all rigid cabinets and soft-close drawer boxes.
*On ready assembled cabinets (exclusions apply)

Hinges, adjustable cabinet legs, wall hanging brackets, and shelf supports

Fascial and drawer fronts

Guarantee Exclusions and Limitations

All guarantees are applicable to the person(s) who purchased the Leileier product or first had the kitchen fitted within their property, they are not transferable if the property is sold to another party. As such the guarantee is valid for original installation only.

The guarantee applies to normal domestic homes only. This guarantee does not cover installations exposed to significant temperature and humidity fluctuations such as caravans, camper vans, and houseboats. The guarantee is not applicable to commercial installations.

The product must be assembled, installed and maintained strictly in accordance with our recommended procedures and once in place shall not be removed. Gradual deterioration through normal wear and tear and deterioration from, but not limited to, abuse, infestation, willful damage, accidental damage, acts of God, improper or negligent use such as but not limited to, sagging due to overloading, water damage and or moisture ingress due to leaks, unauthorised modification or repair is excluded from this guarantee.

The guarantee only covers the replacement of goods and not the cost of installation or the removal of the product(s). Loss of use of the product and any consequential losses are excluded from this guarantee.

The guarantee does not apply to products taken outside of mainland England, Scotland or Wales.