The Scandinavian Style of Bespoke Home Styles — Simple, Natural and Humanized

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When it comes to home styles in the whole house, many young people will be the first to think of the Scandinavian Style, also know as Nordic Style, which is popular around the world.

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Scandinavian Style Living Room Style

What defines Scandinavia Style?

Scandinavian design is characterised by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism and function without sacrificing aesthetics. It first came to prominence in the 1950s, around the same time that modern style took hold in the United States and Europe. Part of what makes it so aesthetically pleasing is its lack of clutter.

Leileier Scandinavian Style Kitchen Design – Stockholm Collection

The Stockholm Collection is also a continuation of the Nordic style’s simplicity, naturalness and humanity. The greatest highlight of the minimalist design is the exquisite and practical wooden creative design. The whole home is full of surprisingly simple, fresh and original beauty, from fabrics and home furniture to kitchenware. The timeless and durable Stockholm style will give a very empty feeling, making the minimalist space full of the beauty of nature.

Stockholm | High gloss kitchen | White Kitchen | Kitchen Ideas
Stockholm Collection

What Are the Main Elements of Scandinavian Design?

1. Solid and neutral colours

The Scandinavian style is characterised by the use of solid colours for a large area of paving and neutral colours for a soft transition. The use of black, white and grey creates a strong impression, while the use of plain furniture and neutral soft furnishings breaks the sense of expansion of the space, creating a simple and quiet atmosphere.

White Bedroom Design Idea | Scandinavian Style
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2. Plain and minimalist furniture

Scandinavian style home furniture is primarily concerned with practicality and nature. The furniture is light in texture, simple in shape and comfortable, and the home style focuses on functionality and has a strong humanistic character, emphasising the combination of simple structure and comfort.

3. Minimalist layout and décor

The simple layout of space is an important feature of the Scandinavian style. In the old days, Scandinavian houses were small and the home layout had to be uncomplicated, so the idea of simple home decoration has been retained to this day. The Scandinavian style is dominated by simplicity, with little ornate decoration, more commonly with ultra-modern, smooth and minimalist lines, but simplicity does not mean that there is no sense of presence, simple but stylish.

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4. Use of natural wood

For geographical reasons, Nordic wood materials are particularly abundant. The Scandinavians use wood in a variety of ways throughout the Scandinavian home, in flooring, kitchen cabinets, decorative walls, furniture and so on. The soft colours, fine texture and inherent grain of wood are naturally integrated into the design of furniture, revealing a rustic, fresh and original beauty that represents the unique Nordic style.

Free Interior of modern living room
Modern Living Room cr Stock Photo

5. Design concept

The Scandinavian style focuses on the combination of humanity and nature, on green development and is committed to sustainable development. The design of the white space is also another favoured design of the Scandinavian style. The decoration style is not deliberate or ostentatious. There are no complicated decorations or complex lines, and the white space does not look empty. Everything is simply right.

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