Moroccan Home Design | Rich Colours & Exotic Style

Moroccan Home Design | Extoic Decors

When you think of Moroccan home design, you might think, ” Whoa, that’s too much for my house.” We get it – subtle style usually has nothing to do with it, but it can be as striking or understated as you want it to be. Whether it’s layers of colour or more neutrals you want, let these Moroccan-inspired rooms take you there.

What is Moroccan Style?

The Moroccan style is evocative and simply stunning. The rich colours, classic architectural lines and exotic furniture designs make it one of the most interesting of all global decorative styles.

Features of the Moroccan Home Design

Mix & Match

The Moroccan style is influenced by a variety of cultures, so its decorative and design elements are rich and varied. And ‘Mix & Match’ refers to the random combination of styles. The most distinctive feature of the Mix & Match style is its randomness, which allows a variety of different materials to be incorporated into the same decorated space and then allowed to shine in their own way.

Moroccan style | Various decor mix & match

Rich Colour

The rich colour is the soul of the Moroccan home design, with the combination of colour and pattern creating an artistic feel to the space, fully reflecting the local folklore and artistry. The Moroccan style draws inspiration from nature, combining the warm tones of the charming desert, rocks and sands with the blue and green tones of the sky, plants and sea, as well as the brass tones of the decorative pieces, to create a bright and vibrant colour style.

Moroccan home design | Colour Palettes

Moroccan Style Colour Palettes

One of the easiest ways to evoke Moroccan style is to recreate its palette. One of the things I love about regional styles is that they don’t adopt what is popular at the time, but rather take their palette from local sources, so the style works naturally in their environment.

Brightly coloured and ornately decorated ceramics, metalwork and vessels with elaborate carvings and inlay work are all typical of the Moroccan style. The luminous beauty of the Moroccan style derives from the bold use of colour.

The bright, highly saturated, colour in the palette is derived from the beautifully intricate designs of the tiles which adorn many surfaces, horizontal and vertical, both inside and outside.Β  Cobalt blue, bright red and emerald green are typical colours used in Moroccan tiles and inject stunning uplifting hues into the earthy heart of the colour scheme.

Modern Moroccan Home Design

Mixing Moroccan style with modern gives that boho-chic feel to the finished look. So how to successfully mix one with another? Avoid too vibrant colours. Choose one colour as the accent – this will make the interior modern. Better keep the walls in neutral colours – white/rye/beige/sandy tones. A great solution for your Moroccan interior will be a part of the wall of flooring embellished with tiles or mosaics with ethnic prints.

modern moroccan home design
Designer: Amine El Hammoumi

Compared to the classical and mysterious traditional Moroccan home design, the modern Moroccan style is more simple and natural, more in line with the aesthetic orientation of young people. Combining the exoticism of Morocco with the rustic countryside, it adds a modern artistic element to the comfort and visual sensuality that is both simple and natural.

Instead of the exotic ethos of arched doorways, intricate carvings, stained glass lamps and gorgeous fabrics, the whole range of bespoke furniture has been de-cluttered and simplified. An example of this is the use of blue painted shaker doors, an imperfectly symmetrical design of the kitchen space with granite, stained glass windows and coloured ceramics to create a Moroccan modern rustic country kitchen space.

Moroccan Home Design | Blue Custom Ktichen Cabinets
Moroccan Home Design – Kitchen Space

View this kitchen range.

How to Build a Moroccan Home Design?

Colour Choices

To achieve the luminous beauty of the Moroccan style, use vibrant colours such as cobalt blues, purples, brisk reds, pinks and greens, or design softer settings using local earthy tones.


Symmetrical, stylish, vertical compositions with extensive use of pointed arches and vaults, the main body of the complex has a centralised plan and the complex is often accompanied by Islamic gardens. These buildings are decorated with highly developed geometric patterns and coloured glazed stone tiles.


The Moroccan style is often warm and colourful, with ornate coloured ceramics, metalwork, fine engravings and inlay work on metalware, all typical of the Moroccan decorative style.

Moroccan inspired tiles are a great statement for a kitchen splashback or kitchen island. Remembering the adage “less is more”, simply introducing an exotic element can elevate a bland scheme and bring a touch of Morocco without overwhelming it.

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