If you are renovating your loft space and want to convert it into a bedroom. Or maybe you have a small bedroom and you want to add storage space. Our wardrobes are the perfect choice for awkward spaces.

Whatever shape, size or layout you need, we're sure to have the right awkward fitted wardrobe solution for your home. No corner is too tight or roof too pitched for our experienced team of designers.

Leileier Awkward Space

Make Every Awkward Space Usable

High Gloss Fitted Wardrobes | Slope Ceiling Wardrobes

Loft Fitted Wardrobes

A loft conversion is the perfect option for adding space to your home, so why not make use of every millimetre of space?

Sloping Ceiling Fitted Wadrobe | Awkward Space Wardrobe

Sloping Ceiling Solutions

Not all rooms have to be the perfect square to get great storage. We'll help you maximise every inch of space, no matter what.

Sicily Understair Units | Fitted Storage | Awkward Space Sorage

Under Stairs Storage

Often wasted space or a dumping ground, our under stairs wardrobes look stunning and provide some much-needed storage.

Green Wardrobe | Fitted Wardrobe | Bedroom Furniture

Alcoves Solutions

If you want the fireplace to be a stand-out feature, our stunning alcove wardrobe offers the perfect balance of storage and style.

Overbed Storage | Overhead Bedroom Storage

Overhead Storage

Glossy, wood or painted - if you want to make the most of your floor space, you'll want to explore our stunning range of overbed wardrobes.

TV Units | Bedroom Furniture | Awkward Space Storage

TV Units

Want to watch TV in your bedroom? Our bedroom TV cabinets can help you solve your problems. It's a great way to display your TV and add storage.

How to Deal with Awkward Space in Your Home?

Although you may have a vision for how you want your home to look, sometimes the structure of the building gets in the way of this plan. There can be all sorts of reasons why you have awkward spaces in your home, but there is also a way to make the most of them. Our made to measure fitted wardrobes are tailor made to which ever space you want them in, making the most of every inch of room.

Sloping Ceilings

The attic room is a common place to struggle with space. If you have sloping ceilings, it can feel like these are really invading the space. If you're converting your loft into a bedroom, you may struggle with where to create storage space. Sloping ceilings don't always provide enough space for a full-size wardrobe.

We can provide bespoke wardrobes to solve your problem. They can be made to measure, so they fit the space perfectly and look great, while also providing as much storage space as possible.

Older Houses

Often in older houses the walls and ceilings are not always perfectly straight. Over the years, the structure of a house gradually changes as the floors and walls twist and move. This is why old houses creak. This can become a problem when furniture needs to be added to a room.

Trying to fit a flush or rigid wardrobe under an odd ceiling won't work. Or along a slightly sloping wall - there is always a gap. Our wardrobes can be made specifically for your house, so you can be sure that all the space is utilised and there won't be any unsightly gaps.


Alcoves are usually found in older houses that have or used to have original fireplaces. The shape of the chimney usually leaves two recesses on either side. These are great for storage, but finding the right drawers or wardrobe can be a problem. Depending on the house, these recesses can be any size and do not always correspond to standard furniture sizes.

Instead of trying to cram a wardrobe into a space that is too small or has extra space on the sides, why not fill the space with a personalised wardrobe. Make real use of your room with a fully customised fitted wardrobe. Leileier helps you to make every space of your room usable enough

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