General Questions

Yes, all the doors, frontals, fixings and runners are attached the units, so that the units are delivered fully assembled.

Yes. We have designers and sales who can support you customising your kitchen, providing a 3D design, and also offering you a full quote.

Our doors come attached to the units but there are no drill holes in the doors for handles, as this will be the last thing the kitchen fitter does, to ensure that all the handles line up. No door would come pre-drilled for handles, as all handle hole centres differ.

Design your perfect kitchen with our online kitchen planner and view it in 3D.

To remove the drawers, you need to pull them out to full extension and lift upwards with a fair amount of force and the drawer box will come off the runners and you can then pull them out.

We recommend an overhang of around 20mm. The units are 560mm deep + 20mm thick door = 580mm. Our standard laminate worktops are 600mm deep. 600mm – 580mm = 20mm. If you are creating a breakfast bar then the maximum overhang permitted, without any supporting legs under the worktop is 300mm.


We are a supply only company. Our customers either fit the kitchen themselves or hire a kitchen fitter.

Pre-Sale Questions

If you order a corner base unit that requires a corner post, then these are supplied with the unit and can be seen on the product details page as an included item.

No, all our units are supplied fully assembled, including all doors, drawers and mechanisms. Some units can be requested dry assembled (not glued), so that you can take them apart, if they are too big to fit through your door, in 1 piece.

(Q) If I place an order without specifying a delivery date. Can I then ask for a refund if my plans change and I no longer need the kitchen?

(A) Yes, you can cancel anytime before a delivery date has been selected

Once you have placed your order, you have 48 hours in which to make amendments to it. Once your remaining edit time of 48 hours has completed, bespoke production will begin for your order. Please be aware that changes can no longer be made to your order, after this time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pay by finance or just a deposit, as the kitchen is paid for in full, when you check-out your shopping cart at the end. There is an option though, not to specify a delivery date when you checkout your cart, allowing you to make changes to it and commit to a delivery date later on.

We do accept bank transfers. You can checkout your order without entering the payment details.

It’s not possible just to place a door only order. We only sell complete kitchens that are above the minimum order value of £750.

As long as you select a painted style now, you can rub it down and repaint it in the future.

Sorry, the drawers can not be purchased separately.

No. You do not need to commit a delivery date. We will notice you via email or messages 7 days in advance. When you confirm the delivery date, we will arrange your package.

No end panels are required either side of an integrated appliance if the appliance is positioned between two units, just an appliance door is required, which are available here. The 2 units either side of the integrated appliance, would support the worktop above it.
If you have more than 2 integrated appliances placed next to each other, then we would advise to add in an end panel, to help support the worktop above. If there is no unit at the end of the kitchen run, then you would need an end panel at the end also. The video here demonstrates this.

All the fittings to attach your plinth to the legs of the units, are supplied in the fittings box that comes with your new kitchen.

No, hinges are already attached to the doors and units and the legs are supplied in the fittings box.

Do you deliver abroad?
We can only deliver to the mainland UK. Orders for non-standard areas, shown on the map, are subject to a further surcharge for delivery. You can also collect or arrange for your own courier to collect, if you are abroad.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide any finance or interest free options on our kitchens. All kitchen orders are paid for, when checking out.

Our standard delivery is £99. More details, please check here.

Delivery from purchase is usually around 105 days.

A standard wall unit is 300mm deep. It has a 17mm service void and an 8mm back panel. So, the total internal depth of a wall unit measures 275mm.

A standard base unit is 560mm deep. It has a 42mm service void and an 8mm back panel. So, the total internal depth of a base unit measures 510mm.

All our pan drawers come with Blum runners. Regadless of the width of pan drawer, the Blum runners are capable of carrying a maximum of 50kg in weight.

Our doors come with a 5 year guarantee and the kitchen units have a 25 year guarantee.

The delivery team will send you a text and email, the day prior to the 7-day delivery window. The communication is sent between 4 & 7pm.