How to Customise Your Bespoke Kitchen with Leileier

Let's take Bespoke Kitchen as an example.

 To Know How to Measure Your Kitchen

Here is a handy guide showing the information on how to design your dream kitchen.

  1. Draw an outline of your kitchen as seen from above.
  2. Add any openings your kitchen has to your drawing, this means doors, windows and archways. Also, make a note of any boilers, soil pipes, radiators, light switches or electrical meters.
  3. Include the height of your ceiling, any beams or boxed-in pipes.  If your room has sloping ceilings, note the shortest and tallest heights and how far the slope reaches into the room.

Nevertheless, feel free to book an online chatting section with our designers (free of charge) whenever you need support on designing your own kitchen.

What We Need Before Design

We would like to thank you for choosing Leileier as your supplier of bespoke kitchens. In addition to the styles we currently display on our website, including Shaker, Modern, and High Gloss, we can also offer customized production to meet your specific demands. Here are the step by step guidance on making your own kitchen plan.

Option. #1

Typically, we only need 3 things from you to give you a 3D drawing of your space, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

1. A dimensional drawing of the space (e.g., of the kitchen)

Kitchen Floor Dimensions Layout

2. Site photos of the space (as shown below)

site photo of kitchen

3. A photo of your preferred style 

This can be a sample image from our website or catalogue, or an image or link from a website such as Pinterest.

View online brochures here.

Option. #2

Download & Fill in our checklist.

It only takes no more than 3 mins. After fulfilled it, you can send us via email. And in 48 hours, you will receive the kitchen design of your inspiration.


What You Can Customise


how to custimise kitchen with leileier

About Cabinet Units

Please feel free to contact us if you have special requirements for the size or shapes of your kitchen units. A further assessment would be conducted by our manufacture before the confirmation on production.

About Special Accessories

If you have other preferred stulised fitting than the ones we listed on our website, please send us and email with more details so that we could help you look into more offers if possible.

Leileier Kitchen Sample door

About the Door Panels

Bespoke colours: If you have a specific colour requirement, we will need a *PANTONE colour code from you. The Pantone colour code allows us to mix a more accurate paint colour.

*Note: You can go to Pantone Connect to pick up a colour (choose FHI Paper TPG ). It needs to sign up but is more accurate. If you think it's complex, you can also use to help.


Bespoke door styles: If you have a bespoke door style, we require a drawing, picture, clear video or screenshot of the door style, or a link to a website that shows the door style. After you have provided these documents, we will need three working days to assess and test them. If it is confirmed that the door is ready to be produced, you will receive a customised sample* within fifteen working days.

*Sample: You will need to pay for the sample in advance. This will be deductible in your purchase once a full order is completed afterwards.

Book Free Design Consultation

About Your Design Appointment

1. Your design appointment is free, with no obligation.

2. Appointments can take place at home or anywhere you connect to the Internet.

3. Visual concepts and 3D planning with your designer.

"*" Means "Required".